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Airfield Lighting Services

Sky Dragons AGL Services are built on years of experience working with our partners and associates on AGL systems across Asia and in particular at Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong.  We are in a leading position to support major AGL contractors with concept design, equipment selection / supply, project management and construction planning from green field sites to on-going upgrades and new installations on working airports.

Concept Design

With the expertise of our own staff and where necessary working closely with our associates, we are able to provide new systems design, verification of concept designs and specialist consultancy at any level of AGL projects.  The experience we can draw on is second to none in the field of AGL Design.

Project Management

We understand explicitly, the critical demands of working runways, night-time closures and how critical it is to hand back the runway on-time and with the works completed to the exact standards the job demands. This is a no-compromise area of AGL projects and our staff have vast experience working at Chek Lap Kok Airport in this critical area, most recently providing experience staff to manage a major contract to alterations to taxi-ways to accommodate the requirements of the new A380. The prime contractor required experienced AGL staff and Sky Dragon provided the solution.


With the limitations of access periods to the airfield, we are also very much involved in the procurement chain, supplying International standard FAA approved materials from CCR's, CAN's and Lights to MAG Signs, Transformers and AGL Cable.  The logistics of supporting an AGL contractor are never underestimated and we often have to pull rabbits out-of-a-hat to meet the demands placed on us where the window for installation is limited and on a critical timeline.  We have the relationships in place with our suppliers to call on favors when needed to ensure our customers are supported better then even they might expect!

Our suppliers form an important partnership in the successful conclusion of any contract and we work hard to ensure our working relationships, on and off the field of play are the best they can be to ensure the supply chain deliverables are met on time, every time.

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