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Who are we? What do we do for fun? This section of our website is a celebration of fun and activities we wish to share with our friends and colleagues from Corporate days out to exhibition trundling and evenings with customers and friends JUST to prove there is a time to relax and have fun! We hope you enjoy and that it brings back some fond memories for those of you posted here!


Soltee FC' The Champion of 2nd Gurkha Cup 2016 sponsored by Sky Dragon Asia Pacific Limited


The Runner-Up of 2nd Gurkha Cup 2016 ‘The Gurkha Boys’ (Ex-Everest) Sponsored by Sky Dragon Asia Pacific Limited


The organiser of 2nd Gurkha Cup 2016, Hem Gurung, Khadka Gurung, Nainasing Gurung, Chij Man Gurung and Dhan Bahadur Gurung (From Left to Right)


Souvenirs for Sky Dragon Asia Pacific Limited for their generous sponsorship to 2nd Gurkha Cup 2016


SkyDragoner’s Gathering Oct 2016 – From Left Fat (CAD Engineer), Chijman (Logistic Manager), Kit (Project Manager), Leon (General Manager), Kane (Supervisor) & Casper (Executive Director)


The IES ALC Fall conference 2016 -  From left, Scott – Jaquith Industries, Brian - US Airport Authority, Artie, Travis – Jaquith Industries, Damian and Leon Sky Dragon.

ADB Safegate gathering in Hong Kong

ADB Safegate gathering in Hong Kong - From top left Leon (Sky Dragon), Raymond, Banny, Tack Wee (ADB Safegate), Corner (Tak Chi), Yan (Tak Chi), Paul (Tak Chi),
From bottom laft Bosco (AAHK), Alain, Patrick(ADB Safegate), Per-Olef Hammarlund (VP of ADB Safegate), Noel (AAHK), Pearl (AAHK) & Ryan (AAHK)


Jaquith Industries in Hong Kong, AUG 2016 – From left Travis Jaquith - Jaquith Industries, Leon – Sky Dragon, Kit – Sky Dragon, Mike – Safegate, Damian – Sky Dragon & Bill - Jaquith Industries.


2015 Munich Inter- Airport - From left Malcom – Philippines, Roy – Brunei, Mike – Safegate, Yan & Corner – Tak Chi, Leon – Sky Dragon & Philip – BTI Holland.


The IES ALC Fall conference 2011 - From left, Billy Schai – Jaquith Industries (Quasi-Australian), Kym Tapscott – Airpelec, David Alm – GHD, Hank Steuten – Thron Airfield Lighting, Kent Krause – Beca Pty Ltd, Meryl Ellsmore – Thorn Airfield Lighting & Damian Billinge – Sky Dragon

Beer Fest 2011

German Bierfest 2011 - Night out with our good Friends from CAD, AAHK, Wing Hing, Apple, Tak Chi & Tin Kee. From left, Leon, Wyman (Wing Hing), Yan (Tak Chi), Kowfu (Tak Chi), Chijman, Lee (Tak Chi), Fung (Tak Chi), Lung (Wing Hing), Kit, Ronald (Wing Hing), John (CAD), Pearl (AAHK), Damian, Bosco (AAHK), Wing & Sandy (Tin Kee), Warwick (Apple) & May (Tin Kee)


Hong Kong Rugby Seven 2010 with Sky Dragon Rugby Team - Kit, Casper (Manager), Leon, Kushiman, Noel (Guest Advisor), Chijman, Dil & Suriah.


Low - Impact Resistant Mast (with San Miguel Lights) Trial Installation. The team from left, Steve, Casper, Bill (Jaquith), Damian, Kit, Chijman & Leon.


OUR FRIENDS IN BEIJING CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 2009, From left, Mr. Kao (BCIA Maintenance Manager), Stephen (Our Chinese Partner), Mr. Driver, Kit (SD Project Manager), Bill (Jaquith President), Leon (SD GM), Mr. Xu (Airfield Management Dept., Business Manager), Casper (SD Director) & Damian (SD Director, Aviation)

P342 Team 2008

THE SKY DRAGON P342 TEAM (26th May 2008), from left, Squiggle (CAD Engineer), Damian (Director, Aviation), Steve (AGL Design Engineer), Michael (Augier CCR Engineer), Yan (AGL Specialist Contractor), Leon (General Management and Project support), Fat (CAD Engineer), Kit (Project Manager), Thomas (Giffels CMS Programmer), Greg (Giffels Technical Director), Casper (Director) & Chijman (Logistic Assistant). What a Great Team!!

Billy & US Inter Airport Oct 2007

Jaquiths Bill Shai (BG#3) and his crew taking some R&R half way up a mountain in Hospental, Switzerland just before Inter Airport 2007. The two “Dragons” can be seen enjoying the sun together with Hank & Meryl from THORN, “Japenese Joe”, “Mack the Condom” and Jaquiths Peggy. Truly a great trip!




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