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Other AGL Supplies

Nexans AGL Cable

Nexans AGL cable meets the strict FAA L-824 C international standard and is relied on at airports all over the world. One of the largest applications is at Hong Kongs Chek Lap Kok International Airport, where over 1,600 km of cable have been supplied since 1996. 

Nexans is suitable for Primary, Secondary and Remote control AGL cables. The Primary is used between Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) and transformers, the Secondary between transformers and lights, and the Remote control between Control Tower and Constant Current Regulators (CCRs). The cable can be buried providing there is an extra mechanical protection.

Amerace AGL Connectors

Amerace is the world's leading specialist in the design and manufacture of isolating transformers, connector kits and cable assemblies for airfield lighting.

Sky Dragon have supplied hundreds of Amerace connectors and transformers to our clients in recent years and the brand continues to be the standard choice for our clients.

Megapoxy CT5  Airfield Lighting Installation Compound

Megapoxy CT5 is an Australian manufactured compound for backfilling and encapsulating inductive detector loops, weigh in motion sensors, and Aircraft Landing Lights on asphaltic and concrete roadways.

It has been used for over a decade on airfields all over the world and is renowned for its reliability and robustness, especially on touch-down areas of the runway where it is used as a finishing seal around the runway centre lights.  It's ease of use, perfect curing time and long shelf life make it THE industry standard for airfield lighting works.

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