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Frangible Masts

Sky Dragon supplies frangible masts for approach lights, antennas, CCTV cameras and meteorological equipment in airports.

Low - Impact Resistant Masts

• Approach lights
• Weather
• Navigational
• Clear Zone

Compliance with Standards
• Accepted by FAA for use in CAT I,II and III
• FAA : L-891 and L892 AC150/5345-45C
• Manufactured in accordance to FAA-E-2702 and drawing package D6511
• ICAO Aerodromes Annex 14
• ICAO Frangible Aids Study Group (FASG) "Interim Guidance on Frangibility".

Tested and Proven -
LIR masts have been designed and developed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) since the 1980's. LIRs are the only Frangible Approach Masts tested and approved to specification FAA-E2702 and the only Standard Frangible Approach Mast that FAA installs for EVERY airport in the USA. The US Air Force and US Navy have also standardized on installation of the LIR masts worldwide.
LIRs have a 30 years worth of installation history, making it the Number 1, with the most masts installed globally.
Every airport in the USA, every US military bases around the world and many airports in Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, UK, etc. install LIRs for ALSF2, SSALS, ODALS, MALSR and CALVERT systems. Please refer to Doc. LIR-REF-001 for installation reference list.

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