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AGL Transformer Housings (CANs)

Jaquith's Airport Lighting Hardware is built to withstand adverse environmental, thermal or sonic conditions. No matter if it's subjected to frost, jet blast or vibrations from wide-bodies and military transports, the hardware endures. And dependability is an important consideration when millions of air travelers rely on safe flying conditions.

Vega in-pavement (load bearing) and edge lighting (non-load bearing) light bases, mounting stakes, adapters, spacer & flange rings and covers are designed and manufactured to meet the tolerances and quality specifications in accordance with strict FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Jaquith also provides installation and on-site expertise for any hardware installation.

For years, Jaquith has worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the US Military, IEC, domestic and international Airport authorities and General Aviation groups to improve airport lighting hardware - from in-pavement lighting such as centerline and touchdown zone, taxiway, approach or threshold to all types of elevated lighting support hardware. Currently, Jaquithis actively involved in developing state-of-the-art frangible hardware systems for clear zone applications which will dramatically enhance air travel safety such as RVR,  ASDE-X and area flood lighting . New security systems are being deployed around airfields and Jaquith has been actively adapting these systems to mount on frangible masts where necessary.

When airports need to upgrade, extend or rebuild runways or construct reliever facilities, design engineers and our customers depend on Jaquith to help specify, fabricate and deliver a complete line of airport lighting hardware and/or frangible masts that meet their needs.

Jaquith Industries are based in Syracuse, New York and manufacture to the highest international FAA standards.

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